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NJ  609-953-3440
NJ  856-722-9115
The Gastroenterology Group, P.A.
Your family or friends
may wait for you in our
warm, comfortable
waiting room.
You will be interviewed by
our nurses and
anesthesiologist in our
preprocedure area.
This is the nurse's station.  
Our nurses are highly
trained in management and
care of the gastrointestinal
Your physician will
examine your intestinal
tract using Olympus
endoscopes and observe
the procedure using a
flat panel LCD monitor.
Our endoscopes and
colonoscopes are
cleaned using equipment.
Following your
procedure, you will be
monitored by our nurses
in the recovery area.
After you have left the
recovery area, you may
be asked to rest in a
comfortable chair prior to
your discharge home.
We hope you have enjoyed a tour of the Mount Laurel Endoscopy
Center.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.
Mount Laurel Endoscopy Center